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Having been distracted from writing here for the last 18 months, I have found my way back. I was this weekend past in a ceramics workshop with the Gold Coast Potters; indications are that a good time was had by all. It is good for me to work with potters who have experience in the field. They were stretched out of comfort and I was stretched taking them there. The was a lot of slab constructions . The most challenging part has emerged from the work I am doing in preparation for my exhibition at the Tweed Regional Gallery coming up at the end of the year, Stone Samplers, facetted landforms resonating with Karyn Fendley's paintings. The early works in this thread are the Emerald Mountain pieces (see Ceramic Sculpture gallery

Years ago I started researching the Asian traditional form of suiseki (Japanese) or gong shi (Chinese); it is a stone collecting tradition which has its kin in bonsai and ikebana. Years later I am constructing these complex facetted forms resembling landscapes.

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