It's almost February!!

The month of January flew by almost under the radar. Now with holidays over there is a storm upon us with flooding is hard to get really started. However I have managed to squeeze a few things in between Christmas and travel to Sydney (a visit to Anish Kapoor exhibition amongst other things). In the Ceramic sculpture section there are some new works posted; the variations on Emerald Mountain which were shown privately in Sydney and my whimsical Highrise Moonrise which I entered in the Byron Art Classic and scored second prize. So around the beginning of the month I had some much treasured studio time with few other commitments and took the opportunity.

Now as cyclone Oswald passes through there is time to contemplate the new projects coming up. The mission to support a public art program in Mullumbimby is an ongoing thread for this year. The return of biannual Sculpture by the Tree, in Federal, is too. Both of those projects require a constant administrative attention before any materialisation. As for studio time, new table ware is never far away, a range of new landscapes for wall as well as a continuation of the small freestanding pieces characterised by the Emerald Mountain series which I have named WU WEI.

My glaze research will continue in the Copper red direction and I have my eyes on developing a crystal snowflake glaze and other areas/colour as required. Then there is the wood kiln; the bricks are awairing to be stacked on site. Plenty to think about, even more to do.

Copper red tests

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