An unusual reduction sequence

IMG 0624

Large Chun dish


I have always had the impression that if I missed the early reduction stages I would miss the opportunity to transform the glaze quality in a firing. I thought only by vigilance could I get my reduction in at the right time and that after that a fusion took place that prevented any oxygen being drawn from the glaze matrix. Recently due to some unforeseen chaos in the studio I missed the cone 08 and the pyrometer showed 1162°C before I realised...

The thought of honey coloured Chun and brown Celadon plus the ruination of a kiln full of work did not entice me so I shut down and let temperature drop to 1000°C before continuing with normal reduction settings of the damper and primary air. Surprise surprise the glazes were as good as ever. The firing took an extra 2 hours and I used gas I had not planned on but the results were normal and I avoided the dreaded oxidised glazes which characterise badly managed firings. Whew! learning new things, continuously.

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