A new beginning...

Its with a feeling of great relief to be finally launching this website that Ulrich and I have been working on for the past many many months and a very welcome welcome thing that I am posting the first blog.

The website is going up in the time that of the year when everything else is coming to a close so it's good to have some studio time without teaching and without commissions taking centre stage. I have a few interesting sculpture ideas to start work on, so I'm feeling happy that that's right in front of me. There will be more of that to come. I will also be showing up at the Byron Beachfront Fair (with tablewares mostly) and the Byron Art Classic (with a quirky sculpture) in early January, two very special local events which enable us locals to get our work out there in public.

As for the year ahead, I have quite some projects already underway and I will talk about them more in future postings.There is tableware exhibition in October and a public art project being formed. Also Sculpture by the Tree returns in November at the Park in Federal bringing together sculpture from the region, and just in case I feel idle I have recently prepared the kiln site for my long awaited wood fire kiln; a project my friend and potter extraordinaire, Malcolm Greenwood, is joining me in.

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