A decade of claymaking has culminated in these wall images which carry my impressions of surrounding land. Long After.... refers to the period that has elapsed since the forming process began.

As our continent drifts slowly northward at 5-7 cm per year, a volcanic eruption takes place every aeon over a hot spot in the earth's mantle. Wollumbin or mount Warning in northern NSW was on the hotspot about 25 million years ago, some time before that it was Glasshouse Mountains in SE Queensland. Millions of years later, the volcanoes are all but eroded and these craggy plugs remain, jutting from the plain; strange, weathered landforms.

I am fascinated with these geologic processes, not least the unimaginable time involved. It underlies my work and in some respects ceramics simulates geology, metamorphosing rock by heat in a blink of the time. To me it is appropriate to use the earth to represent it.

As well as science there are various Oriental influences in my work, the glazes and image composition bear this out. In these works, especially the blue Chun glaze, carrying the misty autumnal feel of the season and alluding to Time, is an echo of Sung Dynasty Ceramics.

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