By further exploring my landscape impressions, I am paying tribute to the spirit of this ancient land. In these works I continue a 5 year concern with iron hues, texture, meandering ridge lines; an aesthetic concerned with an expansive horizon, awesome valleys, vast terrain and underpinned by the need to conserve it all.

Mount Warning or Wollumbin (Bundjalung for Cloudcatcher) is the eroded remain of a volcanic plug, the site of molten lava eruptions aeons ago and a contemporary cultural icon. This land has a central place in our daily lives, the fecund red earth under foot extends and surrounds us with breathtaking, timeless beauty.

We are here for just a blink of time. In 25+ million years since the volcano (a relatively recent occurrence), a phenomenal erosion process has transpired. The land we farm and inhabit, its craggy outcrops and rocky ridges originated in the lava. A land eroded and relayered with sediment, whose origins, in geological time, transcend comprehension. This material could become tableware, roof tiles or sculpture. Meanwhile the mountain continues to collect clouds around its peak with the bulldozers carrying on in the caldera below.

Walking en-plein-air I document by camera or pencil, in the studio I interpret, by computer, graphite and clay...culminating in a slurry-formed landscape image, surfaced in multiple layers, fired once. An interplay of classic methods and contemporary practice. For guidance I look to earth science, Time, Sung Dynasty technology, Japanese folding screens, Heidelberg School, Fred Williams, William Robinson.

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