Landscape in Australia is akin to religion…instead of going to church many Australians pile the family into the 4WD and go bush. In an obtuse way we Ozzies feel the divine in the land, it’s a place of replenishment and regeneration- where we can ‘get away from it all’.

I share the concern that this wondrous land is threatened human behaviour (including mine)

The specific landforms in View from Saddle Road saddle are iconic; culturally significant for both traditional occupants and us latecomers. The work is a translation of my experience of this land. It is in the vein of traditional landscape painting.  However my knowledge of ceramic glazes is better than paint so my ‘paintings’ are ceramic and draw on the technology of Sung Dynasty potters. I am also influenced by the screen paintings of medieval Japan, evident in the vertical panels.

Although I have been working for some time with ceramic panels it continues to be an evolving and refining process for me, both in the selection and interpretation of subject matter and also in the choice, application and combinations of clay, slips and glazes (incorporating colour and texture).  It is always technically challenging.

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