This work, A Wizened Meandering Thread, is part of a body of work produced in 2007 addressing the complexity of issues around the water supply that many Australian communities face. Rather than specifically deal with any one locality or solution it is my intention to use the dry river metaphor to voice the cry of the land.

Australia has wild fluctuations in weather cycles and drought has always been on record. The drought that has been the worst for 100 years has recently broken and some very serious flooding ensued -in some places 12 inches of rain in 2 hours. Such is climate change; apparently an epochal phenomena of which this could be just a beginning.

Most of my work is produced in clay, material of the land. This landscape was fired in a gas kiln to 1300ºC using classical Oriental glazes and other surface materials. I have produced a fragile ceramic in sympathy with the fragile environment it portrays.

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