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By further exploring my landscape impressions, I am paying tribute to the spirit of this ancient land. In these works I continue a 5 year concern with iron hues, texture, meandering ridge lines; an aesthetic concerned with an expansive horizon, awesome valleys, vast terrain and underpinned by the need to conserve it all.

Read more: ConVerge (2006)

This work, A Wizened Meandering Thread, is part of a body of work produced in 2007 addressing the complexity of issues around the water supply that many Australian communities face. Rather than specifically deal with any one locality or solution it is my intention to use the dry river metaphor to voice the cry of the land.

Read more: Reflections on Water (2008)

Within the landscape genre, I work to integrate a range of disciplines through art; Earth Science, fundamental to ceramic materials, and Environmental Science, managing and mapping the changing land, feature strongly amongst them. Science, ceramic technique and aesthetics form a confluence, serving my process by embedding meaning.

Read more: Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award (2008)

Red Rocks 1-23RThis body of work follows from my experience of the Central Australian landscape. My intention is to produce work assuming an empathetic fragility whilst reflecting the nature of Earth. The uniquely bulbous rock formations of the desert that characterize this collection testify to aeons of erosion and weathering.

Read more: BHU BHU (2009)


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